Stem Cell Therapy


Stem Cell Therapy

The use of stem cells to treat various medical ailments or diseases is referred to as “Stem Cell Therapy.” In many circumstances, Stem Cell Therapy can provide a non-invasive alternative to surgery for a variety of painful and even debilitating illnesses, such as joint injuries, arthritis, and degeneration caused by misuse or aging.

Stem cell technology is quickly advancing, providing patients with a growing variety of stem cell treatment choices. There are also significant distinctions between these choices, particularly in terms of where the stem cells come from and how they are processed, as well as the types of doctors or people who perform the treatments and, ultimately, their safety and effectiveness.

Stem cell treatment uses a drug-free serum of naturally occurring stem cells, hyaluronic acid, and cytokines to help your body recover itself. These growth agents cause localized cell proliferation in the injected location after injection. Cells proliferate and divide during the next few weeks, generating new tissues that help mend damaged or injured areas without surgery.

The speed with which your body responds determines the outcome: some people report significant pain relief in just a few weeks, and dramatic pain reduction in as little as two months.

stem cell therapy

Frequently Asked Questions About Stem Cells.

Stem cell therapy makes use of cutting-edge medical technology to use stem cells obtained from your own body fat to treat aching joints and inflammatory disorders.

Stem Cell Therapy

There are a number of regenerative medicine treatments to choose from, and we want to help you to make the best decision for you. Our education and expertise qualify us to give this remarkable service to our patients in a safe and professional setting, by a physician who is experienced, licensed, and highly trained.

Activate Natural Healing.

Your body’s own platelets, stem cells, and growth factors can be stimulated by modern regenerative medicine therapies to boost healing and hasten restoration for bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue, and nerve injuries. These pain treatments may help your body recover itself by repairing wounded tissues, reducing inflammation, and allowing your body to heal itself. 

Many patients who have not received adequate relief from conventional treatments such as anti-inflammatory medicines, cortisone injections, physical therapy, or surgery have found success with this regenerative, non-surgical treatment.

Is stem cell therapy right for you?

Patients who have failed conventional treatments such as anti-inflammatory drugs, cortisone injections, physical therapy, surgery, and rest benefit most from these therapies. The first stage is to determine whether or not you are a candidate.

We provide consultations to assess the damage and provide treatment options that are unique to each patient. Insurance will cover the initial consultation. The success rates of regenerative procedures are complex and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Who can have the procedure?

Regenerative medicine is a viable option for those who have just been injured or suffer from chronic pain, as well as those who want to avoid surgery, delay the need for surgery, or simply aren’t surgical candidates. 

Some individuals see it as a means to avoid taking pain drugs or getting steroid therapy. These operations rarely have an age limit. During the initial consultation, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Stem Cell Procedure?

If you’ve been suffering from joint discomfort and want to enhance your quality of life without invasive surgical treatments, you might be a good candidate for stem cell therapy.

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We work with you to design a treatment plan that best matches your personal health goals.  It’s not just about treating specific conditions,  but rather helping you lead an optimally healthy lifestyle. 

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